Thursday, August 17, 2006


Been stretching the end of summer a bit by tending to the yard -- mostly mowing and treeclearing, with a designer's eye towards an eventual deck. Started in on the garage this afternoon. Hey, I know it's not exciting, but it's what's going on.

Plan is to head up north to Brattleboro tomorrow, have a nice tenth anniversary supper at a quaint Vermont inn, and then leave the spouse and kids with her parents while I jet back home for a few days to finish what I've started.

I guess the theory here is that a clean house makes for a clean head. There's something deeply satisfying about making order of your own environment, and with your hands.

How odd to think that ten years ago tonight we were nightswimming, a country mikvah up at the lake. It was pitchblack, and cold, I remember. We would have gone all the way, too, if it weren't for that huge splash down the shore. Well, it could have been a bear.

Last call on those Random Rules mp3s, by the way. I've already posted the bluegrass instrumental Phish cover as requested; if you want one of the others, just ask and ye shall receive.

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