Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Random Rules
The Home Edition
Now with mp3 goodness!

Just 'cause we're not indiefamous like the usual schmucks over at the AV Club doesn't mean we can't speak inanely to our own random pod-play. Twelve oughta do it -- as an added incentive, I'll post up to five four more of the below as mp3s upon request (thanks for making the first request, hypercycloid!).

U2, Negativland

Oh, this is hilarious – some guy sent some outtakes of Casey Kasem swearing to the Negativland guys, and they mashed 'em up with that U2 song Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. My brother had this on vinyl when we were kids; it was really rare, because U2 sued them and they had to pull the album from stores.

I Fell In Love, Susan Tedeschi

I saw Susan Tedeschi in concert a couple of years ago, tenth row with my parents at the Calvin in Northampton. Amazing. Best blues guitarist since Bonnie Raitt. One of the best electric blues guitarists in the business, in fact. This song’s a bit standard honky tonk for me, but the riffs are great.

Left click to go download Fast Enough For You, Gone Phishin’

This is a bunch of unnamed bluegrass musicians covering Phish; I got a whole album of this stuff on here, some more bluegrass covers, a couple dozen string quartet covers. I love covers – like, half the songs on my iPod are covers of something. With the guitar instrumental in place of the lyrics this one’s really mellow, a perfect summer afternoon of a song.

Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind, Peter Mulvey

Mulvey’s one half of Redbird, so I’ve seen him a couple of times, but only with Jeffrey Foucault and Kris Delmhosrt. The raspy basso needs to grow on you for a while, but it’s worth it. He recorded this album (Ten Thousand Mornings) in a T stop on the Red Line in Boston; some songs, you can hear the trains come in.

Virginia Wolfe, Indigo Girls

I was so into the Indigo Girls when their first few albums came out. This song is kind of catchy, an anthem, not their best but a good sample, I guess. Biggest lesson here is, if you want to flesh out your vocal sound to something quirky, almost angelic, use the Roches for your backup singers – they don’t come in until 3 minutes in, but it’s worth the wait.

Wolfman’s Brother, Phish

Ah, there’s the stuff. One of their best jams, hornful and radio-ready at 4 minutes, all the silliness and funk intact. Off Hoist, their last truly great album, though I suppose for sheer comprehensive conceit you’d have to go with Rift. Mike Gordon is a bass god second only to Victor Wooton.

Let’s Make A Family, Mark Erelli

A silly little ditty about family that goes on for far too long. I liked Erelli plenty when he was a singer-songwriter -- the country music swing is a bit much for him. You can practically hear him grinning throughout.

And They All Look Broken Hearted, Four Tet

This is okay for background – mellow, harpish strings, jazz cymbal brush. I liked the Four Tet cover of Iron Man; I guess I must have downloaded some other stuff of theirs afterwards.

Stem, Hayden

See, I don’t even know what this is. Maudlin hair rock ballad thing, though the vocals are kind of Evan Dando harmony, in a good way. That’s what I get for being so indiscriminant with my mp3 downloading.

Five Days In May, Salamander Crossing

More folk bluegrass. Do all iPods get into these genre ruts? Anyway, this one’s nice and pleasant. Salamander Crossing rocked.

Steal My Kisses, Ben Harper

Beautiful beatbox. Catchy chorus. Fun to sing along to. (sings) “Always have to steal my kisses from yoooo…”

Act, White Rabbit

For a while, some mp3 blogs were trying to be the first to collect and post every cover of a song. A few gems in those lists, but I ended up filling my hard drive with really awful music. Like this one. Classic tune, cheesy 80s synthpop cover.

Um, sorry. What? Twelve already? Okay, let me know if you want to hear any of this for yourself. Not sure the RIAA would care -- it's not like I'm AV Club Famous or anything.

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I'd love to hear Fast Enough For You - I arranged that for my a cappella group in college. I have a mix tape you made me fifteen years ago, and it's mostly covers.
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