boyhowdy, wanderer

Teacher. Cybersociologist. Poet. Father. Audiophile.


Love Hurts
Willow's One

32 years old father, married with toddler and another due in April.      


this week on tributary
>Static On The Radio (12/6)
>Back On The Train (11/29)

All the Concerts I've Ever Attended

Tributary, my week radio program, reaches three states every Monday night with tunes from Folk to Funk, from Jazz to Jambands, from Bluegrass to Blues and bedtime stories on the hour and the half.    Spent the last five summers camping out in open fields, volunteering at folk and bluegrass festivals.    Filled a 20 gig iPod less than a month after getting it. 


Winter Comes To Shadow Lake
Hurry Up, It's Time

Poetry most recently published at asiniepoetry (well, they can't all be winners).   Previously published in a plethora of zines and webcollections.    Once wrote a sonnet a day for a month, and dreamed in iambic pentameter; now writing less than a dozen poems per year.    One of these days I’ll get the archives up and running again.  


Northfield Mount Hermon School
>MED/SOC 221: Media Literacy
>HIS 321: Modern American Culture
>MED 05: Mass Media Messages
>MED 06: Ed Tech 101
>MED 08: Advanced Web Design

In addition to teaching one class a term, as Information Literacy/ Academic Technology Coordinator, I spend most of my hours and days supporting teacher and student development in technology literacy through class partnerships and Library Information Commons staffing. 


Marlboro College
>BA, Cyberstudies
>MAT, Teaching w/ Technology

I have an undergrad degree in Cyberstudies (Sociology and American Studies, mostly, plus some psych, anthropology, education, rhetoric and writing) and a Masters of Arts in Teaching Internet technologies, both from Marlboro College.   Theoretically, that means I'm a trained digital culture vulture -- able to synthesize issues to evaluate the cultural ramifications of any new technology on a grand scale.  In reality, it mostly means I think I know too much about everything...but then, what's a blog for, anyway? 


Cast of Characters

Willow: The love of my life.  Born July 15, 2002.  Still ahead of the curve.

Darcie:  Dropped out of college together in 1991 and never looked back.  My rock and redeemer; the other love of my life.





Neil & Patty

Virginia (Ginny)

Josh & Clay

Alicia and Matt

Cat Jacob: found as malnourished stray behind a d’angelo’s, 1993

Dog Zellie: purchased from a pair of woodswild Jack Russel Terriers, 1999.  Full name: Gezellig, which means “mellow and relaxed” in Dutch.)

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