Friday, May 26, 2006

Meanwhile, On The Internet... 

The online forum for the town where I work continues to represent the worst of the Internet, but after this informative and hilarious exchange re: local firepit ordinances today, I continue to support the concept of the town forum.

Like the New Yorker before it, daily checkout Overheard in New York has begun a headline contest to mix up their usual hilariously-titled snippets of real stolen sidewalk coversation. Hope it doesn't have the same effect on their sense of humor.

Bumped into a VERY old friend over at the chatbox alongside new addiction Babble (Boggle + Scrabble). Fond memories in my head all day. Seems the virtual world is a small one, too.

Realized at supper today that we'd be all gussied up for prepschool prom and baccalaureate this weekend if we hadn't been summarily "rightsized" out of house and home at the end of last year. Thank God for soft landings. Had old school song Jerusalem stuck in my head all evening since.

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