Thursday, January 12, 2006


1. Nine kind visitors have exposed themselves in honor of National De-Lurking Week. Won't you join them by leaving a comment? I promise not to point and laugh.

2. Though BoingBoing editors chose not to post my comparative stylistic analysis of Mark and Cory's posts on the same subject -- in all probability because it was both a) a bit too meta and b) not so much news as it is pseudointellectual fiddle-around -- Cory was kind enough to stop by to acknowledge and clarify.
[UPDATE 1/13 1:24 am: Mark stopped in, too -- and declared himself tickled by the whole idea!]
Other than to mention what an honor it was to interact with a much-admired writer two much-admired writers we'll save any subsequent consideration of the effect of the Internet on fandom for another day.

3. Still sick. Still delirious. Still not smoking. Still listening. Still not reading; good thing I read ahead.

In other news: there are so many things wrong with paying teachers based on student performance, I don't know where to begin. So I won't.

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1. I am delurking, but you know I am here, because I talk too much.

2. I am sure whatever you worte would be beyond by uinderstanding, but I am sorry they wouldn't publish it.

3. That totally sucks. Although I am all for the not smoking thing.

You know what I think sucks about it, besides the obvious? How do you pay gym, art, music, and tech teachers and librarians and nurses? What about paras?
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