Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Meme Too Tempting: National De-Lurking Week 

Expose yourself, darn it!

Blogexplosion claims to bring in 40 hits a day, but I get few-to-no comments on the inanity herein. Why not change your tune, just this once, and leave a comment in honor of National De-Lurking Week? Anything accepted, from friendly shout-outs to evil trollishness; pick a post below or hit me up with some randomness herein, just leave your footprint before wandering off, eh?

Look, I hate to beg, but this is a national holiday, for blog's sake. In return, I promise to actually clicky-clicky and recipro-visit your blog. Maybe we'll both learn something.

Hint for Blogexplosion surfers: commenting on bloggerblogs doesn't seem to work in frames; open comment boxes in a NEW window in order to correctly enter the secret prove-you're-not-a-bot code. The secret bonus in this workaround: you can comment here while moving on for credits there simultaneously.

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delurking. I'm here through Be :-) Very nice site! I've been through here before and always enjoy what I find.
I love this idea! I was just complaining recently that my blog gets hits, but very few comments. You, sir, are my new hero ;)

P.S. I will see your comments and raise you a link to your blog from *my* blog. Because...well, because I care. (But mostly because I like your site.)
Do you think that those who use rss aggregators to read blogs are causing higher-than normal hit counts on the sites? The web-based readers often check for new posts hourly, 24 hours a day. What do you think?
Okay, I will delurk. Yes, I am one of your "40" but I am not a fellow blogger. I started reading your blog as a way to keep in touch with a mutual world (I am an NMH parent), but now I read it because I really like your writing. And also, because I wish you and your family well, and enjoy watching you grow. (I wanted to say "mature" but thought that might be taken as patronizing.) Great stuff!
Howdy! Saw you stopped by my blog and had to stop by and see you! Very interesting! I'll be back to read more.
Holding CONROL when clicking for comments via BlogExplosion will pop-up the pop-up.

I know, cause I just did it, via BlogExplosion.
New reader delurking. :)

Seeking Clarity
As for RSS aggregators increasing hits, the reader only fetches the feed would should be easily disinguishable from bots/people which fetch the main page (index.php or the like) and subsequently follow links from there to individual posts or other links.

As for de-lurking, I try to leave comments as a come via BlogExplosions whenever possible. I dont leave comments if I know nothing about what the person is talking about or am so upset about what they say that I would be unable to write something constructive. Commenting is usually drives traffic toward your blog. Not only will the author of the blog you visited likely visit your site, but subsequent commenters who think what you said is interesting will also check it out. Its good for everyone, so comment!!
Wow - even with the entry moving from the top of the page, this isn't bad for a de-lurking response. Thanks, folks, for coming out of the closet. So many neat people out there; so glad to hear you're finding my words...well, maybe not valuable in all cases, but at least worthy of your time.

And I learned several somethings, to boot. Bonus! Thanks to all for the pointers and shout-outs.

Note, by the way: I get 40 hits FROM BLOGEXPLOSION very day. Total hitcount on this page runs more like 250 visitors per 24 hour period (not counting those random hits from people searching for unrelated stuff on Google)... though even that number can vary wildly depending on my own publishing -- everything from trackbacking and commenting on other blogs to the sheer number of posts I make in a day affect that number significantly.

Anonymous parent -- say hi to NMH for me, will you? I'm now racking my archives to explore just how badly I may have presented the place on my way out, but I think I did okay.

Foley answered the question re: hits via aggregator about how I was planning on it, with the same point about leaving comments that I've often given to bloggers who are interested in "racking up the REAL readers", rather than just focusing on mere hits. So thanks, Jonathan, for expending the time.
According to GWB "there's an enemy that lurks."
According to Jon Stewart it's "like loitering, only mean."
I admit to being a lurker, and now that I'm not blogging I read few others.
To me this blog sticks like stew on a stormy day.
I've been meaning to recommend Wallace Stegner to you. Indescribably lovely fiction.
You have a way of combining words that is well, "magically delicious!"
Writers and readers are profoundly codependent.
You keep writing!
Hi Josh. Sturdy here, still watching from the back corner of C1. It's been a heck of a year for the old school, and frankly I wish you were here to help put things in perspective. I never expected to say this, but I really want to graduate. This isn't much like the place I applied to four years ago, and even as a four-year Hermonite, the loss of Northfield cuts deeper than I expected. Somehow the whole place seems gloomed over and gray, though that might just be winter. Still, I don't remember it ever being this cold.
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