Sunday, June 19, 2005

Down To The Wire 

My back's bad again, which puts a serious crimp in packing plans. And I've got a cold coming in from Willow via preschool. Total deja vu.

But our stuff spread pretty far in our five-month house. I've got an interview in Boston Tuesday, the U-Haul cometh Wednesday, Friday brings homelessness. So other than a wonderful breakfast-as-supper and a morning jaunt up to the in-laws, I spent much of father's day hauling boxes and cranking out the laundry in spite of the pain, or to spite it. Because you can't put your life in storage unless you box it up first -- it's the law or something.

Between backbreaking bend-and-press, though, I sat on the porch and read about West Coast eateries, redwood forests, and how to get tickets for major network television tapings. California, here we come! Ten-day itinerary for the road trip with Dad has us travelling up the coast from LA to a decent bit beyond San Fran; if you've been, feel free to pass along suggestions.

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