Monday, November 08, 2004

Through A Sick Day, Darkly 

Got one of those cottonhead brainfog colds over the weekend.

Managed to drag myself to the school dance recital yesterday. It was an excellent display, complete with modern subtleties and a wonderfully cheesy homage to the hairspray prom scene of my own late eighties lifestyle. Willow loved the performances, stayed focused, whispered when appropriate -- a new stage of development for her; I'm proud of her spectatorship. I couldn't really appreciate it much. The molasses world of the blackbox stage seemed distant and thick.

And now I pay the price of sitting in a folding-chair public. The swelling of this cold, once restricted to the brain and throat, has shifted to my back. After days of successful steroid-driven progress, the pain of the herniated disk has returned, shooting down my leg, worse when I move, impossibly intolerant when I manage to stay precariously still.

I'd take drugs, but it feels like I'm already on them.

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