Thursday, May 05, 2005

Our Willow, In Song 

Out of the blue, fellow Marlboro-ite Nora writes:
Anyway, tonight I was poking around on your blog, and I clicked on one year ago and then I think I clicked on another embedded link and then I stumbled on the entry in which you detailed the origins of Willow's name. And here's the funny thing: I think I know that tree. I grew up in and around Boston, and when I dropped out of Marlboro (a common pastime, apparently), I moved home and worked for a year in the office of a musician who lived in Somerville. And she had a song about this amazing willow tree that you could see from the bike path near the Davis Square T. She called the tree 'Belinda,' but from your description, I'm fairly sure its the same one. As I recall, there weren't many trees like it. It really is a lovely tree.
Woah. I'm fairly sure it's the same one, too -- there weren't many Willows in the neighborhood, and the placement description is dead-on. So check out the first two minutes of a song about our daughter's namesake tree written and performed by Nora's ex-employer, jazz harpist Deborah Henson-Conant!

How wonderfully random to get such mnemonic joy out of the blue. Thanks to Nora for sending along this beautiful tribute to a natural wonder that seems to have touched many lives. She may be Belinda in the song, but she'll always be Bertha to us.

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I think this is the first time I've ever had a six-degrees-of- seperation tree that included an actual tree. How meta.
Let's see...

You made connections among and between a hugely disparate set of people, objects, and ideas...

called it meta...

made a social systems-slash-biology pun...

and were amused by it all.

Yup. You may not have graduated, but you're a Marlboro-ite, alright.

p.s. Added link to your blog, and will begin reading it. Thanks again for brightening up a pretty awful day, week, month, and year, Nora.
waitaminute . . . i *know* that song . . .
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