Thursday, May 06, 2004

Feminist Parenting 101

Took Willow to see the ducks at the local community college today after a sushi supper we could ill afford. The cement pond was filled with mostly mallards, too scared to come over, and the kid quickly lost interest; the mated pair of geese under the lone fence-enclosed tree hissed and held her attention for a moment, but not long enough, so we played with spectator's dogs at a nearby junior soccer league scrimmage for a while.

Afterwards in the parking lot, we came across some hulking construction vehicles left deserted and parallel parked in the waning sun, and she perked right up. So Willow and I explored their outer limits, talking trucks and giant wheel treads, while Darcie chatted with sis-in-law Ginny, newly arrived for her late Anatomy class.

I must have done something right, 'cause when we completed the circut and the sisters came into view, Willow proudly announced "Women drive these trucks!" And I get bonus points, too: no one was looking our way, so I treated us both to the sight of her surreptitious and proud behind the steamroller's wheel. Gotta remember to bring the camera next time; one day, when my child is a true free spirit, self-defining sexuality and gender as far as she wants to, that pic of her cranking the black wheel of a bright orange ton-or-so will make her the envy of all her friends.

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