Thursday, December 30, 2004

Miscellanous Thursday 

Been pocketblogging all day on walletscraps, mostly old ATM receipts. Here's the good stuff.

Ultrasound again today -- no concerns, just another look at doctor's request. Now we know, and we're not telling. 13 weeks to go as of tomorrow; if the baby's continued pelvis-kicking under the ultrasound is any indication, it can't wait to join the family.

Spent an hour before supper with big-sis-to-be Willow teaching stuffed bear Wose to play a toy piano, another quietly frustrating hour afterwards stomping on bubble wrap. How wonderfully the ravages of ADD hyperfocus match the fickle hours of toddler-task dedication.

In more bloggish news, the blog redesign continues. Most notably, in the next few days the now barely-beta about boyhowdy section is destined to become a major work, almost a companion reference to the blog itself. Main page may include paragraphs on schooling, vocation, work, personal philosophies and beliefs, a personal chronology a la kottke, and a cast of characters cheatsheet; sidebar will likely include currently reading/watching/listening to, links to past blogentries which explore selfhood, and a clean way back to the blog. Pix may be included where relevant. Come see about me!

Other blogtweaks include plans ahead for some regular features.
  • As a payback for the gifts and gab of the growing universe of Mp3blogs, have tentatively decided to begin posting an otherwise unavailable mp3 each week as part of the Monday night Tributary radio show post. Tune in Monday at midnight for the first of these. Requests gladly considered from past playlists.

  • Also considering a separate Monday Mosh blog -- seems a shame to waste the jammin' Willow masthead.

Still on holiday 'till Tuesday. Expect blogging to continue in the parenting-and-blogdesign vein until the boarding students return on Monday night, just in time for the all-new, partially downloadable Tributary.

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MONDAY MOSH!!! (maybe it should be a collabritive meme blog thingee??)

Wait..waitasec, yer 32?!?!?!


Last time I saw you, you were 31!

Actually, I always thought you were much younger than me for some reason... ah, I dunno....I dunno how old I am anymore...
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