Monday, December 27, 2004


Spent the day OCD-ing in Photoshop. Result: new blogdesign. Comments welcome.

To be fair, the navigation bar featuring a jamming Willow was much cooler, albeit not as thematic. Pity.

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I like it...cleaner...hoo, never thought of a gradient as a background.

You know you could get a random graphics code to display different banners on top every time you loaded the page. Good way to show off baby/family pics. I'd also make the text black (and not grey, although it's prob. black - just the way my monitor is displaying it).

Anyway, my two cents...
I think it's lovely...Set it free.

I like it!

I have two graphic design suggestions. First and most minor, space out the kerning between the words "all" and "who"- it looks a little too close together. "not" and "all" could also use a bit of breathing room.

Color wise, I hate the grey. I think a grey could work, but choose a warmer grey more from the red range, rather than a cool, steel grey.The improvement would be two fold: it would overall look more inviting, and less coldly technilogical, anbd it would make Willow, whose pants and shadow are in the blue range, stand out more and seem brighter.

Instead of grey, I also think a very subdued peach or a tasteful light grey-green could work nicely. Both would make willow appear to be more on a landscape and exploring, and less like she's just pasted on. if you change the color, remember to make the shadow a darker shade of the new color, to make it look like she's really walking on the page.

I like the use of the gradient to provide a souce of light for her shadow, though. Subtly done.
Thanks to all for the feedback, Matt especially.

Tried some other shades of greyish, as Matt suggested, but I've decided, for now, I like the cool steel (I'm hoping for a kind of natural/organic in tension kind of thing, almost black-and-white, between the organic light casting shadow and the creeping technometal of the other side, both off-screen, I guess). I value his points, though -- another few hours in photoshop, and I can see exactly where he is coming from, and agree that there'd be some value in making such a change.

I did make some sneakyspace between the letters mentioned, as suggested. Big diff, there -- got to make more width for text, so all is good.

Now, if only I was actually working on redesigning the ORGANIZATION -- sidebar stuff, etc. -- like I said I was going to... :-p
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