Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Beta Testing 

Yep. Seems okay.

Welcome to the newly redesigned Not All Who Wander Are Lost. What do you think?

Late lunch down at semi-fancy Chandlers this afternoon, since Mom was buying -- she's usually up Tuesday afternoons for toddlercare, and we figured it would be nice to have a few hours to ourselves after a full week solo-kidding it in Florida and, subsequently, through the holidays themselves.

Mom even brought sister Sarah, on the eve of her return to dog dissection -- she's a Vet student; next term they get to dissect a horse. The two of us wandered the Yankee Candle flaship store together, marveling at kitsch and on-sale Christmas while the others waited for the table.

Back home postprandial, Mom and Sarah watched the cutiepie while the wife and I went off to our respective offices. Reportedly, Darcie got caught up with email.

And I published this, the beta version of the redesign. And, since then, I've republished it at least a dozen times more. Damn fidgety ADD.

I'd write more, but my brain hurts from two straight days of blog overhaul, and the wine at lunch didn't help. Back to my usual scintillating self soon, surely. Until then, enjoy critiquing the eye-candy. There's better stuff below, I promise.

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I love the new site layout! Simple, clean and very easy on the eyes.
Beeeautiful! Good riddance, Jesus. (...and don't tell me I'm going to H E double hockeysticks, I'm agnostic. I'M going to limbo! Yay!)
Nice spacing on the letters, junior graphic design cadet!
you're gonna shoot me for this one...

can you make the text dark black (or even bold black)?
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