Wednesday, December 22, 2004


We're back...

Florida was cold and mostly rainy. The remnants of four hurricanes have left the place a blue tarp covered shambles; busted signage made visual ghettos of even the most tony neighborhoods. A commuter train seems to have moved into what, last year, was a quietly reconstructed 1920s cubanesque suburban neighborhood.

But we're not beach people (though we did go -- once just me and the kid, laughing into the waves as they lapped up our knees, and then all three of us the following morning). We're used to sleeping through coyote howls, mournful in the moonlight. We go to Florida for the attractions and the family, both of which were still standing -- happily, they seem to have rounded up the escaped zoo animals, or at least gotten replacements.

We did manage to make it in short sleeves most days. But, really, it could have snowed there and I'd still have been blessed. A movie in an actual theater? Five days without thinking about the impending job search? Heaven, worth even a day's indirect flight with a toddler.

Plenty of photos and scrawls await transcription for future viewing pleasure. For now, it's enough to have been there.

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