Monday, November 01, 2004

Goddamn Blogger Again 

Warning: tech-rant ahead. Non blogexplosion geekusers might skip to this friendly Halloween post, or perhaps something about teen voting?

Since blogexplosion is a traffic exchange system, the vast majority of visitors don't even read the vast majority of the blogs they visit. It must be true, because most blogexplosion readers have posted something to that effect within the last few days, and who would know better? (Of course, we're all claiming it's not us, but everyone else...but seriously, folks, how many knitting blogs do you stick around to read?)

Which leaves comments as the only surefire way of knowing if folks are stopping by. (Again, this isn't news; other blogexplosion users are posting this same stuff -- it's practically, I guess.)

Which is a problem if you use blogger. Because despite the silliness of it all, blogger irrationally continues to insist that non-anonymous commenting requires a login.

And trying to log in to your blogger account within the blogexplosion frame seems to have one of two equally undesirable effects: either it crashes the blogexplosion window, or it merely doesn't accept the login.

Which means I'm not getting any comments, and hardly leaving any, either.

Sure, maybe it's just that no one loves me. But I suspect living in the school LAN is killing my participation in yet another addicting tool-slash-community (which would be good and bad, I guess)...or blogger just sucks.

And given the history, I'm betting on the latter. I'm almost wishing I hadn't gotten rid of the enetation comments. Haloscan, anyone?

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Funnily enough you came up on my blogexplosion surf today. I can post. I think the problem is it won't let you use the back button to get back to the root site.... Poo.

counting sheep
Does anyone out there love Blogger????

*insert sounds of crickets chirping*

Eric J. said it best when he said: "BITE ME BLOGGER!"
Pssst! Typepad! Unpsst!
Yes, Anne...but it's not FREE. I'm a broke little teacher; free counts.

Plus, my concern isn't really where the thing is served (typepad); it's the design tool and the way you access it (in that comparable case, MT). I DO verymuch prefer MT design and options. What i've been wondering about today: can one put an MT blog on the blogger server? Because that would solve EVERYTHING.

re MT&Blogger-- you can upload by ftp sites to blogspot, but not sure if you have to pay
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