Friday, February 09, 2007

Wandering Off 

It's been two weeks, and though I have nothing to say, I suppose I owe it to me/you/us to create some closure. Quickly, then, and fragmented as it comes, before the moment passes:

In the myriad possibilities of wandering, there must always be an acceptance of that which passes. After all, we cannot carry our entire histories on our shoulders as we go. Sometimes, if we are to go forward, entire worlds must be left behind.

Maybe I'll come back one day. Maybe I'll need this place that never existed, yet can always be found, right here where I left it.

Until then, I suppose. May the road rise up to meet you.

And may our paths cross, once in a while. You'll know me: I'll be the boy smiling at the evernew world in his hands.

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best of luck in your wandering....
Aw'll be back. This blargh of yours is like a bad habit...
a pleasure reading you over the years ("met" you on the long-departed blorgy (tho i never understood the popularity of your meatball sandwich sonnet post ;) ).

good luck. and maybe see you round again some"where".
Totally unrelated to this post but related to Shaw's blog post about vaccines: Can you tell me more about your experiences regarding reactions?

I appreciate it.
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