Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stakes in the Grass
Inside and Out: A Juxtaposition 

We're closing fast on the end of our fourth year here at Not All Who Wander Are Lost, and other than a little sitetweaking the biggest issue here seems to be the sporadic posting. I've blogged before on this, suggesting at the time that maybe this was a good sign, that the life unbloggable was a life less in need of being blogged.

But the coverage area of possible reasons is endless, remains murky. Perhaps, I wonder, the subconscious is trying to keep a tight reign on the flow of language, lest something slip out. Am I so afraid to see what I am thinking?

On the homestead we spend the morning behind the house, staking and roping where the sliding glass falls off into nothingness. The project will involve a complex deck opening into, varously, a full-scale patio, a suite of halfwooded playspaces and terraces, and a shape-enchoing staircase similarly opening into same from the french doors at the house's other end.

After months of treecutting, becoming comfortable with the space and its possibilities, what was once wooded and closed starts to seem infinite. Funny how, once you've steeped in it a while, the world steps out organically into the senses like that, to become somehow both defined and present.

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Mr. Farber,
Hello! This is Colin Raunig, Senior at the Naval Acadaemy, former NMH Media Literacy student of yours, and person extrodinaire. Anyways, back in the spring you helped me with a project I was doing about the affects the internet had on society. It was a fabulous conversation and then my computer shut down and I lost it! That sucked. Anyways, you wanted me to send you my report and I forgot to. I feel kind of bad because I had already done it by that point; I didn't want to ruin your train of thought. Well, what I did for my Electrical Engineering professor doesn't make too much sense. I didn't really know what I was getting into. I tried emailing it to you, but the email provided on the site is your NMH email.
hi. maybe you should know about this?

(for the future if nothing else)
I'm puzzled with lots of exercises. I was afraid I could not do the right time despite my hard work. I need a support person.

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