Saturday, August 12, 2006

Last Thoughts, Cape Cod 2006 

Willow, on Tuesday's dunewalkI'm swearing off seafood for a while. I've had enough oysters, lobsters, scallops, and cod to fill a fisherman's freezer. Last night's lamb chop was a relevation.

I swear that guy playing guitar down the street last night was Evan Dando. I mean, his rendition of It's a Shame About Ray was impeccable.

If I didn't smoke, I'd never see the Perseids. Just can't beat shooting stars over the darkened sand.

After experiencing both, though the secluded vacation spot has merit when you've got time/space to just sit/be, for family affairs, living close to both town and pier is worth fronting the main drag into it.

Elderkid's an exhausted mess: off her sleep schedule, on a constant ice cream high. Me, I've taken to drinking a beer or two every day -- a dangerous habit.

Cassia, Exploring NatureBut like a diamond forged from fire, baby-no-longer is transformed. Who grows an entire first-tier vocabulary in just two weeks? Plus, the way she offers her hand, then physically drags us around to do her bidding is just...beautiful.

The drive tomorrow is going to suck -- Cape Cod bridge traffic is notorious. (Random aside: When I was a kid I went down to the cape with a friend; I remember pacing the car, seeing guys having beer out the side of their van while it sat in traffic, a turtle-pace party along the line.)

But I'd walk the 200 miles if I thought there was no better way.

Cape Cod has had its moments. The sulfuric smell of the sea rocks my universe. But, man, I can't wait to go home.

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