Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Internal Monologue 

Oh, look, Pottery Barn has halloween costumes. In August. They look comfortable, but I bet they're expensive...yup. Like I'm going to spend $99 for a ladybug outfit elderkid will wear for two hours. Oh, wait, that fairy outfit looks really cute...

And that's how I used to end up spending money we don't have on cute things for the kids. Hoorah for the Internet, where I know I don't have to act now, because, really, it'll still be there when I come to my senses and realize that Darcie always makes our costumes, and loves doing it.

Not sure how I ended up on the Pottery Barn mailing list, but I get email from them a couple of times a week, usually sandwiched between Planned Parenthood updates and those damn spam stocktips. This was the first one I actually read, mind you.

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Who pays $99 for their kid's Halloween costume?

When I was in Third Grade my best friend's mom made him a Ewok costume. She made it all by herself.

When I was in college I was talking with a friend about "homemade" Halloween costumes. She was telling me about the "homemade" animal costume her brother had that had different masks so he could play dress-up in it. I said, "I didn't know your mom sews." And she said, "No, she didn't make it, she paid someone too."

She was missing the vital difference between "homemade" and "handmade".
Came by via BE! I like your blog and your title is one of my fave sayings...I have the Life is Good apparel! :)

I like your writing, as a mom of 4, I have hunted down the costumes, and usually we end up with a cheapy and jazz it up. In the end? Its all about the candy.

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