Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And The World Spins Madly On 

Waking with the kids by my side, and clutching them to sleep at night with songs and tummyrubs. A free matinee and a clean bill of follow-up health. Plans to come: a weekend picnic in Connecticut with the inlaws; two weeks on the Cape among my own for my brother's marriage; a side trip to the Vineyard in the middle of it all.

Howdykids, frolickingHow good to watch the girls run through the sprinkler on a freshly mowed lawn, naked and shrieking with glee in the late afternoon sun.

How good to be home, though the place is a mess, and the spectre of work looms faint but ominous on the horizon.

How good to have another month, another chance, another path to follow.

How sweet it is, really.

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I misread your second sentence at first, and thought you'd gotten a free (albeit misspelled) manatee. Which would have made it the Best Summer Ever. But it sounds like you're having a close second. And I imagine manatee ownership would be a logistical nightmare, anyway.
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