Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And We're Off! 

Hello, you've reached Not All Who Wander Are Lost. We can't come to the blog right now...because there's no internet in this big open field.

We're folking out at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (with an early sidetrip here).

Plans include much music, serious relaxation, beer and grub, and the usual chaos that comes of living in an open field with two kids, old friends, and thousands of folkies. See below entries for details.

Other than a quick stopover at home on the 16th, I'll be on a blog hiatus until July 24. Falcon Ridge, here we come!

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Hey! We'll be there Wednesday -- Ramon, Sean and Mom-- Molly is at Friends' Camp in Maine. Save us a camping spot? See you soon!
Hey, Jere! Great to hear from you!

We're pretty close to everything this year, and almost entirely surrounded by handicapped camping, so I'm not sure what we can do about saving you a space...but we'll certainly try when we get back on site again tomorrow, if our friend Dave has not already filled in the surrounding plots with early volunteers!

Looking forward to a new year with old friends at a great new space!
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