Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where We Are Is Here 

Got paid to play laser tag with 13 year olds all afternoon. Kicked their butts, mostly, as the 13-year-old mind is all action, no strategy. Sore tonight, but hoorah for field trip day, where you get to shoot your students.

Back at school this morning and for the rest of the week, I've got kids cleaning computers with q-tips and rubbing alcohol. No, I'm sorry, they're "learning proper computer maintenance and care" as part of my computer curriculum. Well, it gets the place clean, anyway.

The book is writing itself in my head. I can feel it. Meanwhile, the calendar begins to fill for the impending summer. May the words make it out alive, amen.

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Lucky you, sometimes I would love to shoot my students. (See blog post Oh Boys! III)

I wish I could have had my kids clean the computers for me. I suspect I will be bringing keyboards and mice home to clean, as the a/c won't be in (finally) until July.
ha. i beg to differ~ 3 lifetimes of rpg's have given me strategy and relexes like a nija. you owned
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