Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sidebar Follies 

Back when I got paid to think about Media Literacy all day, the blog was chock-full of pop-culture analysis snapshots. These days, I teach teachers and students how to use technology thoughtfully, and I mostly blog about my family, and my environment.

But the mediamind hasn't gone away entirely. I'm still a culture vulture, a social scientist among the geekculture elite. For example, I still tag and save the braingasp tidbits. And, as always, I still post 'em on the sidebar, just a quick scrolldown to the right.

No one reads it, of course. But maybe you should.

Now playing on my rollover-for-commentary, delicious-driven tinyblog:

Wanna check out the rest of the tinyblog? Scroll down and stay to the right for my ongoing compendium of all things medialit, informatic, and just plain technofascinating. Or, see it in its original form over at

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