Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rain, Rain 

A half hour of uninterrupted thunder Thursday afternoon was only the prelude to a halfhour deluge -- one unmatched in my experience since the punctual monsoons of Bangladesh.

The gutters overflowed in minutes, flooding the flowerbeds. The suntent blew away, caught on the laundry lines. We sat on the porch with the kids, stared wide-eyed at the storm, growled back at the thunder as the day grew dark three hours too soon, and stayed that way until night.

Now here it is 48 hours later and been raining forever, running the gamut from dizzle to downpour. The world is wet and dim and terrible. New oak leaves and treefuzz litter the driveway. Lawn washes away. The last stalks of Spring drown in their beds.

Inside, the ants come marching out of the sinkdrain. The cat sulks by the front door, and will not go out. We find our own light -- go to the mall, have a chinese lunch, come home again to clean and bathe in the florescent glow. We pray for sun.

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