Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In The Afterlife 

...and I feel fine.

It's 6/6/06, and the news is full of halfhilarious musings about the end of the world, a party in Hell, and the well-timed release of a totally unnecessary remake of The Omen. Here in subjective-land, it's also day 6 of 6 in our 6-day class rotation. Oh, and it's my father's birthday today. He's 60.

Of course, I'm not superstitious (knock on wood). It's funny to see the kids wandering the halls with their fingernails painted black, like a goth population explosion. But surely the achy lymph node in my groin is but a temporary symptom of something mild and temperable.

Still. Give it another two weeks, and it really will feel like the end of the world, albeit the usual temporary one. Heading into a school building after the school year has ended is surprisingly like walking into a post-rapture world.

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I was thinking about posting the full 666, but that darn word verifcation would keep me up all night
When the Reagans left the White House they bought a house with address 666........and summarily had it changed:) Also Ronald Wilson Reagan with 6 letters in each name = 666!
6+6+6=18 a lucky number in Judaism. So I suppose it all depends on what religion one follows.
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