Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hello, Goodbye (and Happy June...) 

I know it's been a while, but constantly crossing the threshold between my (semi-) airconditioned teaching lab and the too-hot, too-humid hallways outside has caused mega-headache, so let's keep this hodgepodge short:

Home: Solo-ed with the elderchild on Tuesday while Mama and baby went down to the Cape to see about plans for my brother's wedding this summer: supper, a trip to see the fire engines stage rescues down by the waterfall, and a quiet bedtime...nothing fancy, but it was like having a totally different child all day. Sigh...she's so angelic, so smart, so creative when she's not trying to compete with her sister. Other home news includes much yardwork, mostly. Pix of the Capehouse (mostly for relative perusal) are on flickr, natch.

Work: Discovered today that web addresses (including search strings) containing the letter sequence "hawt" are blocked through our school district's server, which sucks for anyone trying to study Hawthorne Heights or, say, Nathaniel Hawthorne. On the other hand, new adjacent lab is coming along apace -- it'll be nice to have XP in da house, as it were.

Play: Babble is sucking out my soul. But I did post some fun "Not Just For Kids" mp3s over at audiography this week -- feel free to head over, download, and join the community. I'd provide a direct link to my own entry, but it seems livejournal pages are blocked at work, too...

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Im just glad you were not the one to post that friggin' PINK aerosmith song...
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