Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ten Reasons I Obsess About My Lawn 

  1. Because apparently, in some small and terribly flawed way, I see lawns as the ultimate symbol of homeownership.

  2. Because it embodies my inability to come to terms with the sheer gall of human terraforming in the face of nature incarnate.

  3. Because it keeps me from obsessing over everything else.

  4. Because I don't really feel comfortable around power tools.

  5. Because it is overwhelmingly present, everywhere you look, in every window.

  6. Because it is liminality incarnate, the inevitable surface-to-be-trod in passing between the world inside and the world without.

  7. Because it surrounds us, thus framing our very sense of microgeography, flavoring our sense of self.

  8. Because its required maintenance torments me.

  9. Because it is a breeding ground for the ants that will eventually consume the house itself.

  10. Because it really does look like it has mange.

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