Monday, May 15, 2006


Parent meeting ran late this afternoon, so I stopped off in the front office to call home before heading out -- at a time that Howdyspouse generally puts the baby down for a nap.

Luckily, however, the three year old knows how to answer the cordless...


Hello, is this Willow?


Do you know who this is?


This is Daddy.

Hi, Daddy!

Hi, kid. Where's Mommy?

She's putting Cassia to sleep. Are you still at work, Daddy?

Yes, honey, but I'm coming home soon.

Are you in the car?

Not yet, I'm leaving now. Can you tell Mommy I'll be home soon?

She's upstairs putting Cassia to sleep!

Yes, I know. Can you tell her I called?

Okay, Daddy.

Thanks, sweetie. Love you.

Love you, Daddy!

Love you, kid. Okay, now hang up the phone.

Do I push a button?

Yes, honey. Push the button under the green light.

What light, Daddy?

The green light.

This green light, Daddy?

There's only one light, honey. Now push the button.

This button?

Yes, the button under the light.

The button next to the green light, or the button under the green light?

The one under the green light. Push it.

I don't know which button to push, Daddy.

Yes, I know, honey. It's under the green light.

Daddy, I think I better get Mommy.

No, don't do that. Just push the button.

Which button, Daddy?

Do you see the green light?

This light, Daddy?

Yes, fine. Now push the button under the light.

Here's Mommy, Daddy...

The front office ladies were quite amused, we've decided to put a sticker on the power button for the cordless, and, from now on, no one learns how to turn on anything until they are fully capable of turning it off.

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