Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Life In The Neighborhood 

Arrived home to find Willow's been pushing her tiny sister around all day, and Mama's lost her voice to the same glandswelling something that hit me earlier. Shopping meant the ability to strap the kids down out of eyesight, so we all went off, bought spitcooked deli chicken and real bread, played it light for the evening, and it seemed to help.

The baby went down early, though, so while Mama and baby snuggled behind blinds Willow and I wandered off into the waning daylight. Highlights:
  • New calf close-up and mother-protected in the pasture across the street, still wobbly and wet.

  • Pooh-sticks with the season's first dandelions under the waterfall bridge.

  • This season's first frog, fat and green, jumping high at our feet, scared back into the water from the slippery slope above.

  • Bark souveniers from the beaver-chewed tree by the banks, it's scarred surface rough under our intertwined fingers.

  • A tick each, discovered and knocked free, and thank goodness we found them.

Ah, the discoveries of Spring. Home under a halfmoon with the half pint, a livingroom slowdance in the almostdark, and all is well again.

Funny how wide the pendulum swings in a day, sometimes. Not so funny, how vast and infuriating the shift from competitive to cuddly when her sister leaves the room.

And so it begins. If we're lucky, we've got a minimum of fifteen more years of this sibling rivalry, at least under our roof. At least we know how she feels, we two first children raising their own first.

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I am always in awe of how you can take even a list of things and turn them into poetry.
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