Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Life In Jobs 

Yes, that lightning guy.

Ice cream mixer.
Flower deliverer.
Bakery deliverer.
Sandwich maker.
Corps member, City Year Boston.
"The Lightning Guy".
Education Fellow, Museum of Science, Boston.
Data Entry (Temp.).
Math mentor.
Writing mentor.
Preschool teacher.
Substitute teacher.
Artist in Residence.
One on One Aide.
Head Counselor.
Media Specialist.
Theater teacher.
History teacher.
Computers teacher.
Workshop presenter.
Lead Teacher.
Academic Technology/Information Literacy Coordinator.
Information Specialist.

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You forgot
Staff Member Underground College Paper

and when ya gonna put my link up on yer blaugh, boyo?

I've redesigned my site so many times now ...have you looked at the latest re(rere)design I did this week?
Left the paper off the list on purpose, Shaw. It's not a job if it don't pay the bills.

And Shaw -- where IS your blog? Links from your name on bloggerr go to the OLD space, but then links from THERE go to a very old blogspace, too.
It's where it's always been!

And at least it paid some credits in college...

all one of them.
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