Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fool Me Once 

Question everything today. The Internet is suddenly, albeit temporarily, an entirely unreliable narrator.

Except, ironically enough, Wikipedia's up-to-date hoaxlist, a reader-driven attempt to catalog the interconnected web of pranks that is April 1, Web 2.0.

Uh oh. Do we really turn our clocks back tonight? Damn you, April Fools Day!

[UPDATE 2.0: Also wonderful, if a bit thick in the pseudogeekspeak: Librarians claim to discover the cure for information overload.]

posted by boyhowdy | 3:21 PM |

I question whether or not you really wrote that post.

I think u got ghostwriters...
I was taken in by Google's joke this year. It seemed plausible enought that they would do a dating site. After all, Yahoo has one.
I first saw the Google link here in your blog. I clicked on the link. They did a great job with the page, so I searched for "spoof". That's cute. I had never seen their jokes.

Today is my parents' 40th anniversary.
I still say you're not you.
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