Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cool/Not Cool 

The Onion: Arbiter of cool?

Thanks to a healthy addiction to HypeMachine and a longheld fascination with making the world my soundtrack regardless of genre, I own most of the albums mentioned in this week's AV Club. Arctic Monkeys? Flaming Lips? Morrisey? Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Hey, I'm so cool, I play outtakes of that **** for my middle school students. In class. (And Morrisey's first album was better.)

Especially disappointing, then, to have never heard of the seven bands the AV Club labels as up and coming in their accompanying grammatically garbled feature The New What's Next In Music: 2006.

Okay, maybe I don't get out much anymore -- with two kids and a dayjob, until the folk festival circuit kicks in, I'm not the SXSW type. The part of me that longs for Bonaroo is easy overwhelmed by the part of me that hates seeing music from more than 20 rows back - and when you've seen Phish from the sixth row, with your elbows up against Jon Fishman's mother, anything else is a letdown. I'd rather be at this year's Jazz and Heritage festival, anyway. Damn you, Dad.

But you want up and coming? I knew The Weepies when they were just Deb Talan. And I saw Brandi Carlile open for Ray LaMontagne way back before anyone even posted her music. So maybe there's hope.

Yeah, the AV Club's the bomb and all, but I got some cred, yo. In 1991 my turntable swam with De La Soul, Fugazi, the Lemonheads. I got mistaken for a teacher by Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield once. Heck, I saw Green Day perform free at the Hatch Shell when we were all, like, fifteen. Beat that, beyotch. Those "up and coming" bands never go far, anyway.

PS: In case it wasn't glaringly obvious, I'm still ubersick, mostly brainfogged and hallucinating, with that burning forehead that accompanies the early stages of "get yo butt back in bed before you fall over". Here's hoping my natural "voice" will return with my health, cuz this pseudo-ironic streetchat isn't winning me any new fans, fo' shizzle.

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Cred plus 1
Buffalo, NY circa 1981
TALAS- big-time local band plays at the Salty Dog.
Opening: A little (very) known bunch from Dublin. Man were these guys great. After the show - sitting on the edge of the stage guitar-repairing the noticeably talented lead singer. Oh, Bono, if only I had known. I did go up and say hey you guys were great, he did say thanks.

Oh- and Morrissey makes me want to cut my wrists. Even WITH The Smiths. I dropped out right around Meat is Murder.

The biggies: The Cult, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Clash. WAY before Green Day, a continuing favorite. But you're going for the really obscure I see.

Living 200 miles or so from the largest city in Canada, we have sevral choices of Toronto radio stations from which to choose. Best by far for new music... 102.1 CFNY.
Going to have to see if they webcast.
Oh, you wanted to play THAT game?

I've hung backstage with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones back when they were playing tiny local clubs in Boston.

I saw Shawn Colvin from two rows bac. Suzanne Vega, too. In tiny folk clubs.

As performer check-in boy for folk fstivals, the list of famous folks who have chatted me up goes from Ani to Dar Williams, Arlo to Richie Havens, Janis Ian to Lowen and Navarro.

Saw Guster in a bar. Had dinner with Peter, Paul, and Mary. Helped John Pousette Dart find his lost car. Partied at the home of a Lemonheads band member.

The list, by the way, is over 200 shows long. And most pre-date the decade.
I *would* play along but I'd rather reminisce about hearing The Doors for the first time and all us kids switchin' over to FM radio. Which decade do you mean?

My 10 years younger sister, long ago, mentioned this awesome album and 'had I heard dark side of the moon?' I mustered up my snottiest older-and-better-than-you big sister voice. Michelle, I owned that when it was new.

Not sure I'd make triple digits, but some might get triple points. I do remember an ELP concert where we were so close I could see Greg Lake's L-shaped diamond earring. I'm just throwin that out there, but I'm not trying to prove anything.

Little Feat opening for Rush, Roxxy Music opening for The Cars, can you dig it - I knew that you could.
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