Thursday, March 09, 2006

Where The Daddybloggers Are
Music for Audiophiles With Children 

Soundsharing: It's a daddy/daughter thing...

New mp3blog smallages makes a big splash posting kidfriendly and occasionally even kid-targeted music from all genres. Because no one should have to listen to the Wiggles. Ever.

Smallages gets kudos both for its own wonderful selections and for directing me to the surprisingly geolocal Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, a primarily once-a-week which posts mp3s of the 8-10 Saturday morning radioprogram of a daddy/daughter team.

In turn, Spare the Rock tips the hat to YES All Ages Radio, yet another daddy-and-child podcast-slash-Saturday-morning radioshow. What is it about Saturday mornings and kidsongs?

The wonderful coincidence is that both Spare the Rock and YES originate within easy driving distance of the geoself. In fact, Spare the Rock broadcasts on Valley Free Radio, a tiny co-op community station which turns out to be in myvalley, and which comes in not-so-scratchy on the car radio.

And the station is looking for show proposals.

I love it when the Internet leads me home.

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Rightious! The return of the Tributary...

Hell - I still say we should do a talk show: Two Jew Revue
Those are some great links and a great post. I didn't know abou those. Now I'll check them out. Nice job.
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