Sunday, March 19, 2006

Observable Behavior Not Worth Observing 

Contest! One of the twelve personal quirks listed here is a lie! Be the first to correctly identify which of the below quirks belongs to my old college roommate, and I'll give you my firstborn child promote the blog of your choice in a big ol' one-paragraph entry.

Everybody's got a set of smallscale quirks, the flotsam filler among the personality. Most go unnoticed, drowned out in the minutia of the daily ritual, obscured by the massively obvious facial tic, the distracting roman nose.

Today, I bring them to the surface.

What follows is a list of facts-about-me so trivial that, until this moment, they have gone utterly unnoticed by even my nearest and dearest. Because that's what blogging is all about, isn't it?

TMI: About Boyhowdy

  1. I always take my socks off last.

  2. I avoid soup spoons and tablespoons because I much prefer the feel of teaspoons in my mouth.

  3. I bite my nails sporadically, always starting with the pinkie and thumb and working inwards.

  4. I hold my pencil between middle and ring fingers.

  5. I type with five fingers: index and middle on each hand, right thumb on the space bar.

  6. I carry a lighter in my pocket every day.

  7. I read my fortune cookies without opening the celophane.

  8. I only shave once a week.

  9. I'll eat anything except black licorice and cooked salmon.

  10. I can spell anything if I can write it down.

  11. I match my boxer shorts to my outfit.

  12. I wear a belt because I like how it feels.

Now you know more about me than my wife does. Weird, isn't it?

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Man - what a heavy way to get a link. Sheesh - yer cruel. I gotta actually think about this...
Well, I hope your wife has noticed number 11, although that one may have been a little too much information for me!

I vote for #7.
I thought about it for a day, and...

Man, I might get in some real trouble about this...but after some thought given to all my observations of Josh through the years...

I'm going to have to say 11
I vote for #7 because it sounds impossible. Or rather, more work than it is worth, and you wreck the cookie, too.
Really… theses 12 things are more than the 15 years accumulated knowledge bank I have gathered, even just in the quirk department?! I think not!
So to clarify and expand…
1. Your socks only are removed last when you undress completely. Most of the time they end up in a pile under the computer desk so you can scratch your feet while you browse.
2. Yes, I know you prefer teaspoons, as do I. Hence, the table is never set with anything else, except on special multi-spoon occasions!
3. The nail biting finger order is new information. Yet the biting is not, nor is the habit of filing them on the seatbelt strap while driving.
4. Pencil hold is old news- even my mother picked up on that one.
5. Five finger typing was noticed, too. Even which 5…
6. Lighter in pocket—used to be expected. But hey, I still ask for one from you so guess that means I still assume you have one, right?
7. Fortune cookies--- even Willow noticed that one
8. Shaving once a week… really, you sure about that- ‘cause I know as designated shaver I don’t get called in that frequently!
9. eat anything (except mentioned)… how about Miracle Whip, mustard? There are other food quirks- to offer some: potatoes are only filler food and can not be counted as primary ingredients in meals, healthy things are usually a turn off, food whenever possible is mushed together by the forkful before placing in mouth.
10. spell anything--- yes- don’t I use you as my portable dictionary!
11. boxers to match: this may be true on clean laundry days, but I know must times you settle for what is clean! Which outfits goes with the orange jack-o-lantern boxers?
12. belt- I thought you just liked feeling the outfit was complete- as in could pass the catalog photo test. I knew it wasn’t ‘cause you needed it… your cute butt fills and hold most of your clothes up very nicely :)

A few other quirks that you passed by- you chew on your mustache or twist your beard on the right hand side when thinking, you snore on your back- at reduced volume on your right side, and usually not at all on your left side, you wear out the bottom cuffs of your jeans first, you enjoy talking to telemarketers, and there are many more. The unsuspecting public will never be as well informed about you as I am, Honey, unless I write a book or even, dare I say it, start a blog :)
LOL. The wife wins the comments, but the contest is still open...

Darcie provides some serious hintage, but #7 is both my own quirk and eminently doable. Try it sometime -- without crumbling the fortune cookie Takes practice, but it's worth it.

To be fair, the intention here was NOT to blog the obvious quirks, but the weird ones. Darcie mentioned some new ones I could have -- though I now eat mustard, and will eat miracle whip if I have to, which is NOT true of salmon. But the beard-twisting is so obvious, I didn't think it was worth it...

Last guesses on the contest? Going once...
No offense, but I'm still trying to figure out if I should be happily enlightened or frightingly grossed out by this whole blog post.

I mean, I HAVE observed a few of those quirks that you listed. I'm not saying which ones...
must be #3...

Thank you for another good post. I enjoy visiting here, and usually leave inspired, or at least smiling. :)
I thought 11 at first, but someone has quessed that. I read through Darcie's comments and tried to narrow it down from those. I can't remember seeing you bite your nails in class, but maybe it's 3, but no, I don't think so.

So I am going with #12.
Ok so im Farber's student and yeterday he wrote me a hall pass. The only reason I asked for one was to see if quirk #4 was true. I'm gonna have to say the quirk #4 is the lie.
No winners, but I'm glad everyone enjoyed this one.

- Dylan's strategy was a good one, but he must have missed the handgrasp.

- Darcie picked up on the right line of questioning, but never realized that I had been accurate in my assessment of my own habits, after all. Also, I do too like mustard, now.

- Interesting to see so many doubt MY ability to get to a fortune sans unwrap, but be perfectly willing to attribute the skill to an otherwise-unnamed old roommate.

- I do too wear boxers, and match 'em to my clothes. But that doesn't mean I can't wear orange boxers with blue jeans. Everything goes with denim.

The lie? #7.

I only shave once every two MONTHS.
I think you meant #8...#7 was the fortune cookie quirk.
Indeed. 8 it is.

Thanks, anon.
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