Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hey Mr F...
Tales Of Homeroom 

In middle school, some mornings are more intelligent than others. From today:
  1. Kyle: Hey, does R come before P?

  2. Anthony: Hey Mr. F. if I take my little man out...
    Me: I'm sorry, but I'm not answering any question that begins with that phrase.

  3. Katy: Mr. F, can you play us some music? But only if it's good music, okay?

  4. Dylan: Mr. F, where should I put my RSS server?
    Me: I dunno, a closet?
    Dylan: Dude, that's not nice.

  5. Anthony: Hey Mr. F, check this out. I printed out 8 pages on this Himmler guy for Mr. C's class. That guy was totally crazy -- he took, like, a cyanide pill!

  6. Homeroom in a computer lab includes turning on the computers; many students then add their own background or mess around with the screensaver settings. Out of 21 working computers, this morning's scrollingtext goodness includes the following:
    - Beware of Safety
    - Anthony was here first
    - 8th graders such

    And my new all-time favorite student screensaver text:

    - hi my name is satin and when you die youll be coming to see me

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