Monday, March 06, 2006

Cassia Jade Comes Into Her Own
Now with Baby's First Yoga Pictures! 

Mr. Messy Little Cassia doll
Did I mention we're raising our children like feral cats?
DSCN2019 DSCN2033 ahhhh!

At ten months the tiny one is both light and bright for her age, a free spirit more physical, more resilient, more genial, more generous than her sister-as-baby.

She's into ceiling fans, talks back to cows (moo!) and birds (moo!), speaks two dozen words and a dozen babysigns, knows every cabinet and stair by feel.

We chase each other around the house, roaring and giggling. We rest our heads on each other's shoulders and engage in a little mutual backpatting. We share a pacifier. We're not alone much, but when we are, we're a riot.

I used to worry that she'd be forever overshadowed by the first -- both by accident of size and subtlety and through brazenly deliberate action. Her sister is strong, centered, demading, encompassing; in my worst eyes I saw the smaller child as wholly unprepared to compete, an inherent victim of the constant firstchild struggle to remain the center of all things.

But she falls, and does not cry. She watches, and her eyes light up with understanding. She teeters unaided on the playroom floor. She leans into the world, as if daring it to take the first step.

Tonight I found her sitting flat on the floor, trying to pull on a pair of her sister's shorts. She had the motions down pat; she just kept missing her leg.

Slowly, like a butterfly emerging, the baby turns into the girl. Cassia Jade careens from fragile to known object towards full personhood.

There's a unique human bean in there, just beginning to show her true colors.

And man, is she beautiful.

I'm thinking there's nothing to worry about. In fact, the baby has already learned two things from her sister:
  1. How to screech with unending joy.

  2. Yoga:

Downward Dog 1
Monkey See.

Downward Dog 2
Monkey Do.

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