Saturday, March 04, 2006

Breakfast of Upper Middle Class Champions 

Welcome to McStarbucks, would you like
a side of lightly herbed gently sauteed
fingerling potatoes with that?

First our local McDonalds started serving real'n'regional coffee. Now Starbucks has started serving breakfast, which is all right with me as long as it doesn't slow up barista production. Because everybody needs a $7 Black-Forest-ham-egg-and-gourmet-cheese-on-an-english-muffin with their $5 venti vanilla latte, but no one wants to wait.

Find the nearest Starbucks using Google Local. Ours is four towns away. I miss my high octane.

In other food news, I read somewhere* today that Coca-Cola is retaliating against health-conscious schools who want the company to remove soda machines from schools by...threatening to remove soda machines from the schools unless the schools own up to the health benefits of Coke products. That'll show 'em.

*somewhere: a link lost to the blogosphere.

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