Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blogging Is The Opposite Of Writing 

As blogging is the opposite and not the opposite
of writing thinking saying being drinking
doing laundry on Sunday

So is wandering mutually subsumed
by and by the path, the destination,
the wandering self.

To wander is antithesis and apotheosis both
being and not-being, oasis and desert,
direction and crowd, list and liason.

Which is to say

To wander is to listen, sometimes, and nothing more:
to stick the self inside something wholly,
and look around with eyes closed;

To be still.

To be still, and not write.

To be still, and use the stillness
to find that which is not yet still:

Tomorrow ticking away at eyecorners,
the bloodrush between ear and temple,
breath dragging past the glottal stop.

And slow it down.

And move past it, into dawn.

Draft version. All comments welcome.

posted by boyhowdy | 7:52 PM |

wonderful draft - "doing laundry on Sunday" splashes a mood across the room, a picture on the window... "To wander is to listen, sometimes..." wow, excellent .... and from there to the end, I believe, is approaching a grand work. I really like this! I am moved, inspired~
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