Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Randomalia: The Learning Edition
Now available in bite-sized nuggets!

Cramming (stolen shamelessly from -Ant-, via Flickr) New term at work = All new students = Back to curricular square one. Two days of "is an iPod a computer?" complete with props, iPod, and enough cool walk-in music to set a term's worth of tone; rinse by Friday; repeat. Like starting over, but better prepared.

Can't tell if Cassia's trying to whistle or just say bird; either way, she's a quick study. Drinking out out of screw-top water bottles solo at nine months with little spill (and a happyproud "wet!" if she does) = pricelessly precocious. Also new today: hey, the toy car goes!

In just two hour-long sessions since Sunday, and with no previous experience touching "daddy's computer", Willow mastered mousepad, leftclicking, flashgame premises, even easter eggs (I'm looking everywhere, Daddy!). Today she found, figured out and played several Winnie The Pooh games all by herself! Hoorah for PBS Kids and a surprisingly deep and healthy Disney preschool presence. Imagine what she'll do when she can read.

You, too, can learn about the latest weird products. From the folks who brought you Junk Food Blog and Cool Website Ideas, an ongoing compendium of oddblogs et al.

Knowing the right way to peel a banana is much more interesting if you eat bananas.

In prep for the workblog: Without a Net: web whacking, local caching, and other ways to save your butt by moving class content. 'cause the noveau-suburban middle school ISP has been down since last Wednesday. Alternate title: From Net to Network (Or Else)! Note to self: no Internet in school = no rush to post this week.

Two weeks since my last cigarette. People always said the craving never goes away, but it gets better than this, right? On the bright side, my throat doesn't hurt after a day of lecturing, 2% milk tastes creamy and delicious, and my daughters smell like sweetgrass and babysweat.

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Congratulations on the 2-week milestone! That is truly an accomplishment. It really will get better, I promise. It is worth the effort... just ask your girls!
It gets so way better that when you remember smoking the image you get is black tar coating your lungs and you see the smoke you once inhaled as viscid and heavy.

You can't believe you ever did that. Or that could just be me.

March 1st, 2000 cigs went up to $5 a pack. I decided I'd rather have cashmere. And that was it.

You can conquer cigarettes, they cannot conquer you.
It's cheesy, but it works.
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