Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dear Virtual Friend 

Just wrote this poem, which was kind of about writing emails to you (and to my father), and tried to post it on my blog. But I couldn't, because blogger is down. Something about planned maintenance.

So I went to the other blogger blog I belong to, and tried to post about how annoying it all was.

No luck. Seems blogger is down for planned maintenance. Why don't they warn us about these things?

Anyway. Here's the poem.

Because I Know How To Talk To Everyone

Because I know how to talk to everyone
When I write you letters

I feel guilty
For witholding my words from everybody but you
Like roses taken from a public park,

For not broadcasting all the time,
Because I know how to talk the game.

And then I feel guilty that I prefer the anonymity
Of crowd to the realness of you
So I pretend you are imaginary
And I forget about everything else but
The part of me that I pretend is you
And I craft my words for hours.

This is why my letters are so beautiful,
And why I have stopped writing poetry.

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I think the most annoying thing about blogger being down is you can't complain on your blog at that very moment about it actually being down. I was right in the middle of a post when it did - so glad I copied it all. Grr.

Anyway, very nice poem. :)
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