Tuesday, January 03, 2006

All Wet 

Note to self: buy conditioner...

Cory calls it: though the Erasable Shower Note Tablet could come in handy, getting great ideas from shower to organizer (or, in my case, to brain) remains a problem.

Still, a neat present for the man who has everything, including a constant stream of good ideas. Waterproof crayons could come in handy elsewhere, too.

Now, if only someone would create an archivable/tranferrable solution for ideas logged in the car, I'd be all set.

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For the shower: Why not a water-proof voice-recorder, possibly with wireless communication, so it could send you an email with the voice note attached? Technically simple, but I haven't seen any.
And for the car: My iAudio X5 (and probably many other DAPs) can record voice messages at the push of a button. They are stored as MP3 files.
Thanks for the comments, Anders...but...

I have in fact used voice recorders (iPod with attachment, in my case) in car (though not shower!), but found them unsatisfying, particularily because I find audio messages a poor way to track and organize anything. Sound, by definition, cannot be skimmed without loss of all content; cannot be reshuffled without far too much work; in the end, in other words, every audio message requires a second round of time for listening, an effort to transcribe, and only THEN are the tidbits I need to record in a suitable form for use...

No, I think this won't address my need for truly archivable and transferrable -- sound requires HUMAN agency and real (second-tier) time for transfer, so no dice.

Better to imagine a waterproof tablet PC (hooked into my organizer, or a printer) where the current invention shows a whiteboard...and a voice-to-text carspace, with similar hook-in to a centralized organizational-slash-life-hacking database.
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