Monday, December 05, 2005

Oy Tannenbaum 

The Matzo House: So hilarious we mention it twice!

What do you get the Jewnitarians in your life for the holidays? Pretty much anything from the Chrismukkah store, an ideal first-stop resource for any and all celebrants of "the merry mish-mash holiday."

The website is hilarious; browse for a while, and check it out with the sound on so you don't miss the clips -- everything from a Dick-Dale-esque version of Hava Nagilla (from this year's exclusive purchase Meshugga Beach Party: 20 Songs of the Chosen Surfers) to Hannukah Hey Ya, which is about as hilarious as it sounds.

Then, when you've had your hilarity, buy us a copy of the Chrismukkah cookbook, so we can make our own matzo house or gefilte goose balls. Or one of several merry, mad mish-mash menorahs, from a reindeer hannukiah - so lifelike, with those candles in its antlers -- to a candle-spined godzilla with radioactive shamash-lighting breath.

Chrismukkah lasts from Dec. 25th to Jan 2 this year, so don't delay -- order your tchotchkes, yarmuclaus, menorahments and snow persons today!

Much credit for the find goes to uberspouse Darcie, who bumped into the site on a sidebar while googlesearching for "Renewal Judaism". Ironically, though, when you get to the site, it invites you to check out ", home of the new mish-mash non-religion for the mish-mash holiday!"

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yes - but are they legally Kosher????????
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