Wednesday, December 21, 2005

How Not To Celebrate Winter's Arrival 

Though today is short, and the night is very long, having a fire in the furnace pipe is hardly an appropriate celebration.

No fun staying up through much of the long night waiting for the low-level creosote burn at the chimney base to die down, either. Nice to meet the local fire folks, though.

Bonus: I now fully understand how our hybrid wood/oil furnace works. We'll be on oil until we can get the chimney sweep in.

posted by boyhowdy | 11:48 PM |

ok - it works, but are you saving $?

Not that I have to worry about stoves anytime soon (don't think I'm gonna have a wife and 2.5 kids in quite a while...)
Ouch! I hope there wasn't any damage in the house. Have heard of water/smoke damage in bad chimney fires...
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