Monday, December 12, 2005

Chalk And Other Local Talk 

Now that permawinter seems to have arrived, how interesting to discover that the name of our new hometown, when turned upside-down, says NO SNOW.

Via the tall, chalk-on-black, freestanding and daily-changing sandwich board at the only gas station in town. Ah, small town life -- how sweet it is.

Also interesting: MassLive has forums for each town in our region. Most seem to be filled with the same old dozen-or-so, but it's a neat way to get at the town-meeting-equivalent heart of the townships in which we've landed. No comment about the average politico-social bent of the regulars, though -- you'll have to go see for yourself why I've decided not to weigh in. (Hint: the big topic in one such forum right now is a proposed boycott of stores that do not wish shoppers "Merry Christmas.")

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