Monday, November 14, 2005

Word Problems in Exurbiana 

One unseasonably warm long weekend
+ $650 in bright orange Home Depot giftcards recieved for buying a new home through a Lending Tree-recommended agent
= All the tools needed to produce one finally-deleafed front yard

Two days dangling a leafblower
+ Not enough rest breaks
= Ten numb fingertips and a hand that won't grasp properly

One stay-at-home spouse
- One teething infant
= Ten days to put up two roomsful of Ikea shelving, subdivide and reorganize the basement into a combination play/craftspace

Two roomsful of shelving
+ Time to finally unpack and organize a dozen bookboxes
= Plenty of newly revealed carpetspace

Three consecutive days home
+ One precocious three-year-old
= Daddy, do you still go to work?

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Wow! Should I expect the blog looking more like a Bob Vila do it yourself manual?

"Building with numb fingertips with Boyhowdy"
Finally being unpacked + playing with said toddler=

Of course, 3+ years later, and we aren't really unpacked, so what do I know.
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