Friday, November 25, 2005

When Black Friday Comes I'lll Be On That Hill... 

Tired of slogging through horror stories about the national post-Thanksgiving shopping spree? Visit retail-slave horror-story cache Customers Suck for the perfect behind-the counter anecdote. I mean antidote.

And don't worry -- the real news is bound to return tomorrow. Frenzied Friday aside, a month of shopping can't possibly stay page one for long, can it?

We avoided the mall today, choosing instead to finish cleaning up from last night's turkey feed, and help Willow put up and decorate her tinytree in the bay window. Especially nice to lie in front of the roaring fire in the otherwise-darkness and snuggle with the girls under the twinkling tree to the Windham Hill sounds of Christmas. This year's hot item in the boyhowdy homestead: family.

Update 9:28 am 11/26/05: In an interesting turn of media coincidence, the CNN headline story that replaced yesterday's shopping slam report is accompanied by essentially interchangable imagery. To wit:

Like Friday's shoppers, some Palestinians lined up as early as 6 hours before the gates opened.

Note to Palestinians pushing into Gaza: due to CNN's choice of imagery, to American eyes, your plight may forever be trivialized by an unfortunate resonance with our crassest of commercial instincts.

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Shopping.. *flails*.

It's a hateful business indeed.

How's life mister?

FYI: FDR changed Thanksgiving from the last Thursday in Nov. to the fourth during WWII in order to encourage that packages be sent to the war front so they'd arrive before Christmas. In those days folks made cookies, knit socks, and sent candy bars! Having warm feet and an occasional sweet was comforting to the troops. In 2005 comfort consists of items that seem to require morgaging the homestead...and few of those folks standing in line at 5 a.m. Friday had thoughts of soldiers posted all over the world defending "our way of life."
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