Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In Which I Refuse To Blog Right Now 

It's been a day or three, but some...stuff happened which made me start watching myself too seriously, so to clear my head I started surfing some old livejournal sites, and...well, to make a long story short I seem to have become sucked into spending most of my usual screentime staring at livejournal archives of one type or another, and now, since you are what you read (at least, I tend to absorb tonality from ear and eye, and have always assumed this is a universal phenomenon), all I can think/write in is LJ-speak.

I've started a few blogentries -- most notably, about just how long one can leave a cat-drug-in dead mole on the front stoop before the cat finally gets the idea that no, we're really not going to eat it, but thanks anyway. But they never got anywhere, since it hurts my brain to see my own writing degrade so significantly.

The literacy will return, surely. More anon, when it does. KTHANXBYE.

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