Thursday, November 17, 2005

How Not To Blog 

No worries that the home computer is still FUBAR -- I've developed a foolproof working method of blogging sans working technology that seems to be working out great! Here's how it works:

First, whenever you get a bloggable idea, concentrate on it so it won't go away. Concentrate hard, to the entire detriment of anything happening around you, for as long as necessary to commit the raw material to memory. (Hint: You'll know you're doing it right if you call your child by the dog's name. Experts may find themselves passing cop cars on the right while using this blogging method.)

Second, the next time you encounter a scrap of paper, index card, or spare bit of space on the back of your hand, write the by-now totally crystallized blogfodder down in shortform. Later, you'll find these pieces of paper totally unreadable (rev blu @ F? What the heck was that supposed to mean?).

Assuming you find them at all.

Helpful tip: don't forget to remove these index cards from your pockets before putting the jeans in the wash, as a) this method of blogging is much more effective when your blog entries accumulate on top of the dryer, and b) explaining to your wife that regularly replacing the dryer hose will be a necessary albeit expensive aspect of your newfound, easy-to-handle bloglife is only likely to cause subsequent [finish sentence].
  • (You'll note, by the way, that this method not only saves time and stress while computing, it also helps organize the way you think and write, causing all future blogentires to be especially linear and clear. Guess practice makes perfect!)

(Note to self: should that last paragraph be italicized? Where does spellcheck fit in all this? Also, say something about backdating entries before piblishing.

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You're more classy than me JF. I usually use napkins to write my ideas down. And sometimes my ideas unintentionally end up up my nose :(

Damn. We both need PDAs.
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