Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Bloggiversary To Me 

I've never written a post that was picked up by the bloggiverse at large; never been origin for virus or vision, though I have been among the earliest to note numerous memes before they hit critical mass.

Been recipro-linked plenty of times, I suppose, and by several that I admire. Was recognized by a few at BloggerCon2.

But that was never the point.

Three years, and my written voice has become that much more polished through the exercise. Three years of externalization, and I understand the inner workings of myself so much better. Three years and my understanding of the world has expanded immesurably. Three years, and a dozen friends, virtual and real, both refound and newly made, for each.

The space which blogger has provided me -- however frustrating in the early stages of the technology -- has helped me become who I can be, and know myself in the universe.

It is no longer impossible to say just what I mean -- and though it remains really, really difficult, I have learned to appreciate that difficulty as both the high stakes and the evidential proof of making sense in a world of insanity, for what value meaning it if comes so cheaply?

And, best of all, I've got three years of logged life to remind me how we got where we've gotten to, and show the kids one day.

It's been three years to the day since I began blogging. Three years, almost 1400 posts, and fast approaching a half a million words.

So I got that going for me.

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Happy Blog-o-versary :)
I miss you, I miss Molly, and I miss the old NMH.

Happy blogoversary... I miss those three years of laughter and frantic scribbling.

Lady George (Sue)

(Forgive my grandmother's computer... it doesn't like me because I'm a liberal.)
happy b-day to da F-man's B-page!

but MAN do I miss those MONDAY MOSHES....
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