Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mea Culpa 

I remember thinking, three weeks ago when we first started up the hand-me-down computer, that it was odd to see a computer fully loaded with software yet bereft of viral protection.

And then I sat down and started loading the iPod. And dumping the camera to hard drive. And surfing the universe after a long absence.

It would be easy to claim ignorance, except I'm a pretty techsavvy guy (and an instructional technologiest). It would be easy to claim a lack of time, except I spent a good couple of nights there burning the midnight oil on shockwave jigsaws and iTunes back catalog retrieval (and, incidentally, using sleeptime I could not spare, but managing the new schedule is a tale for another week).

Instead, unfortunately, it seems the universe of busyness and ADD-rooted procrastination is no match for my tendencies towards high-risk online behavior.

And now the darn thing is totally fried -- spyware laden, bugheavy, stuck at start-up with no access to even the start menu. Now the dead machine looms in the corner like the spectre of last week's lunchmeat in a middle school locker.

And boyhowdy, don't I feel stupid.

Too busy at work to blog this week, really -- it's grading time, I have no curriculum planned for this morning's classes, and as always, I'm a full term behind on paperwork.

Apologies in advance, then. It's gonna be a light week for blogging. Feel free to check out the workblog or, as always, fun randomness from the archives if you need a fix on my voice.

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And this would be why, when my school board asked why we hadn't switched to PC, I said I would never teach Elementary School on PC/Windows computers.

I love Mac (I still have a PC too, but I love my iBook).
Laptop design definantly props definatly go to Apple, there really are no laptops that compair as far as that goes... As far as desktops go? I couldn't live with an Apple - I just have to get in there and fiddle with parts, modify, upgrade, etc. Apple just doesn't have the availablity of components or competitiveness of pricing for those that are available...

Mac's are still susceptable to virii, spyware, and everything else - My personal opinion as to why fewer Mac's have problems is that the people who use them are, in general, more tech savy - less likely to do stupid things to their computer, and as such, a waste of time for the development of virii (who want's to infect 100 Macs when you can infect 1000 PCs).
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